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Swing Cabin, rock me gently, slowly!

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INNOVATIVE METROPOLIS In Zagreb, everything seems at your fingertips, from universities, faculties, institutes and laboratories, banks, insurance, ministries and agencies for this or that, but in reality it all takes a lot of time, everything is so far and immutable, in a maze barrier, as befits a bureaucratized system that is a hybrid of what we got from the EU and the indigenous, which we unfortunately already had from before. This is not a year to remember, nor was it past, and the corona and earthquakes do not help me, but complicate the already minimal chances of innovators in an alienated reality. Despite everything, I belong to a tough category of people, who have dedicated their lives to innovation and find a way to turn their creative idea into something attractive, a product that can be in enormous demand in the market.

THE SMALL HOUSE TREND When I say America, I mostly mean North America and the acronym U.S. A., in which 50 states have merged together, and each has an economic power much greater than Croatia, and it is clear why America is a term we respect. It sounds unreal information that it was from such a powerful mega state that the social movement and the concept of small houses started a few years ago, just at a time when many Americans were left homeless and ruthlessly plundered by banks and other creditors the cause of the cessation of the proper repayment of mortgage loans, by small, ordinary people who lived their American dream.

We are free to add environmental trends to reduce the area per capita in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with minimalism in architecture. Mostly, several years have passed since the creatives started, who will initiate a movement with the idea of building small houses that become a place to live and miniature homes for those who have little to find their happiness and enjoy the little things that mean life. It is estimated that today more than ten percent of American homes are miniature houses and this trend is spreading rapidly, because in addition to being quickly built and installed in a given location, their size is from 10 m2 to 40 m2 or with an average area of 25 m2 , and they don’t even have too high a cost price.

Of course, the average price per square meter should not be underestimated, due to environmentally friendly materials and high-tech components (heating, cooling, heat pumps, solar panels, furniture, household appliances, video surveillance, computer system, etc.), the average price per square meter has its justifiable higher than average price. A small house can be combined with a living room and a functional kitchen, in addition to the bathroom with toilet, stairs that lead to the gallery and the sleeping area along the inner wall are also important. The trend is to combine a small house with a veranda, flower garden, sun deck with pool and parking, and in the yard there is enough space for a glamping tent, as big as a special room or a smaller hall, with photovoltaic panels or a standalone tracker for power solar system. Due to the interest of buyers, the trend of small houses is in full swing, and we are just presenting the world premiere, a cousin of a small house, a cabin swinging from Zagreb, to which neither an earthquake nor a corona can do anything.

HEALTH PROBLEM OF INSOMNIA The innovation was created in response to a very unpleasant health problem expressed in a large group of people who individually have a sleep problem and who fight by all means for every minute and second of healthy sleep. Although there are a number of methods to help combat insomnia, some who have a milder form of insomnia benefit from simple, herbal preparations that can be purchased without a prescription at herbal pharmacies, while chronic ones go to the doctor and take medications used under medical supervision. However, frequent use of certain types of drugs creates addiction, especially when it comes to opiate drugs. The starting point from which I set out in search of a solution to this health problem lies in the mechanics that in the field of gravity have a direct impact on the brain and state of consciousness, and is also a direct experience from the cradle, from the old days when we were all little babies.

DEFINITION "Swing Cabin" is an innovation with a prominent name and surname, in the old and good Croatian language we mention as a "swing cabin" or a house above the ground, which can swing. Reminiscent of a miniature tourist facility designed according to modern technical solutions, it is essentially a dynamic, interactive, complex unit, which swings and swings backwards, from one side to the other, and can occasionally become stationary, at the user's will, for example when he wants to at rest it passes the thread through the eyelets of the needle, when on the stove it prepares wild asparagus soup… Thus, the cabin rests or swings, in two basic positions which the user independently chooses while consciously controlling the controlled process of the robotic system. It’s all in one place and when it moves, it doesn’t go anywhere, it just swings and swings around the horizontal direction of the suspension, much like a children’s swing. Before common questions, such as why, why, with what intent and purpose, in the description of the invention and an overview of the field to which the invention relates, mention is made of architecture, construction, mechanical engineering, energy, electrical engineering, computers, robotics, tourism, with dozens other areas closely related to the invention which is a means of alleviating or eliminating the problem of insomnia.


A curiosity on a global scale lies in the fact that nowhere in the world have scientific studies been conducted with an innovation available to a group of patients who have health problems and suffer from chronic insomnia. To date, anyone has written an article about an effective mechanical agent that can have a therapeutic effect on improving the health of the subjects, for the simple reason that no prototype device has been constructed or produced anywhere, so the Swing Cabin prototype and accompanying doctoral students would have a world premiere. , aims to obtain both an important recommendation and an internationally recognized certificate from the European Sleep Research Society, ESRS.


In Croatia and especially in Zagreb, we have several health care institutions that professionally treat patients with insomnia, starting with the Sleep Disorders Clinic, the Psychiatry Clinic with the Department of Psychophysiology and Organically Conditioned Psychiatric Disorders, (sleep medicine experts, very popular somnologists are in trend). , for which a referral is required more), or the Center for Sleep Medicine with several other renowned private clinics from several counties. It should not be a problem to find candidates for writing a doctoral student and a scientific article on this topic, especially soon after a functional prototype Swing Cabin is made and serial production starts, which is symbolically oriented to the domestic market, but therefore has enormous potential as a mainly export project with 99 % of exports to eminent world markets and recognized tourist destinations that are successfully engaged in health tourism.


Insomnia, which causes many people problems or diseases, can be perceived as a purely technical problem of a person, and is closely related to the living space and the bed in which we usually sleep. Each bedroom has its own technical characteristics on which the quality of sleep largely depends. The technical problem to be solved is how to construct a sleeping environment that will improve the state of the art in relation to the existing technical solutions, in the sense that users have better conditions for better and longer sleep, and then a healthier life.


This issue is a stimulus and challenge for an innovator who has recognized as an opportunity to solve a technical problem or how to specifically adapt the properties of living space that can get some new qualities with a therapeutic effect. Sleep disorders can be caused by various factors, such as going to an unfamiliar environment, wrong choice of bed, smell, temperature and humidity, daylight, insufficient darkening of the sleeping area, noise, etc. The experience of our civilization in which the cradle or cradle is known for thousands of years as a reliable means of putting babies and young children to sleep, it tells us that rocking or rocking is useful and necessary for small children, but it has been taken care of and no one has thought that this sleeping method could be applied to adults with some adapted elements, age-appropriate and in a custom space, which is much more than a basic bed and a bedroom.


Unlike fixed objects on land, sailors have at their disposal sailboats that sail on waves, in which everything is arranged, from the architecture and design of the kitchen, or to utensils and other equipment adapted to the rocking and movement of the vessel. Sailors often point out their experience of sleeping on a boat that moves as something desirable and comfortable, they fall asleep much faster than while on land, because this situation is special and different, and quite natural. The technical problem to be solved is how to turn an object that is a fixed or static accommodation unit into a dynamic cabin that moves and swings in directions back and forth when needed, according to a given algorithm, in the sense of achieving a rocking that has the desired frequency, in a given a radius of a few degrees forward and then backward, so as to achieve a harmony of motion, suitable for lulling users who want to fall asleep relatively quickly.


The technical problem to be solved is how to preserve the original properties of a stationary or static accommodation unit, so that in addition to the obtained new properties we keep all the properties of a stationary, static object, which we also use at the desired time. In other words, when we take a shower or while cooking, the cabin will be at rest, and when we go to bed we activate the option of rocking the cabin with a targeted sleep function, rocking. It is important, as a technical problem to be solved, to enable the accommodation unit to retain the essential properties of the residential building, such as continuous, despite the elevated position from ground level and lifting on load-bearing columns that carry the cabin in pairs, with a very small contact area with load-bearing columns. connection to the electricity, water and sewage network, so that cabin users can freely use all the essential functions, which are designed in the Swing Cabin, in accordance with the project documentation, which in principle applies to this dynamic, accommodation unit.


As a motorcycle carries one to two people, the Swing Cabin is designed for one to two people, although it has the capacity to accommodate more people on two levels, or if naval sleeping nets are used, it has the capacity for more adults or children. Nevertheless, according to the author's recommendation, it would be good to stick to the meaning and basic purpose of the Swing Cabin, as a specific therapeutic agent that leads to healthy sleep of patients, and not a zimmer-free object.


The primary goal is to construct a complex, highly sophisticated object that can be controlled in a controlled manner so that it rests as needed or moves and swings in a controlled manner in programmed oscillations. The secondary goal is to expand the application of the new device according to the specific needs of users from certain interest groups, with characteristic additions and changes to the basic product. The tertiary goal is to involve all attractive segments of state-of-the-art technology, from solar panels as a distinct example of renewable energy, to compliance with the highest standards of environmentally friendly management and application of modern technologies, wastewater collection with separation and treatment of fecal water. This is followed by the popularization of the use of this product and mass use as an adequate replacement for existing forms that do not meet high environmental standards and which should be gradually replaced, if possible, with this acceptable and easily applicable solution that emphasizes the connection between man and nature. A further goal is to reach a higher phase of environmental relations through fundamental research and create preconditions for the introduction of the most advanced technologies in connection with the development, improvement of technical solutions, robotics, automation, digitization and process synchronization, according to a computer program that will be specially and additionally developed of the present invention. The invention has enormous potential for research and development, is offered as a promising European project for which it is possible to request grants from EU development funds and as an attractive product of new technology of the third millennium, can become planetarily popular in a short time. Additional objectives are numerous such as the creation of a gold standard for this type of new product that opens a wide public debate regarding the need to redefine existing laws and implementing regulations in construction and urban planning, which are unnecessarily, incorrectly and too standardized, contrary to the free market idea. have thus become uncompetitive in a global market that does not suffer from illogical restrictions, contrary to the freedom of creative and innovative expression, modern technology and advanced technological solutions in the function of creating new content emphasized attractiveness and aesthetic values.

The Swing Cabin according to the present invention is a complex product consisting of several parts, but above all it is a cube-shaped rocking cabin ending in a roof, symmetrical space, and on the whole the interior of the body is a compact minivan with functional units.

The floor side or base, as well as the other 4 vertical sides of the cube have the same dimensions of 3,300 mm x 3,300 mm, ie each of them has an area of 10.89 m2, and with the gallery has close to 20 m2 of usable area.

As the basic material, aluminum pipes were chosen that are combined with wall and roof thermal insulation sandwich panels, together with PVC joinery, doors and windows, which are excellent sound and heat insulator, according to a design that withstands mostly all seasons and all weather conditions. The height of the sides (east and west) is 3990 mm, and the front and rear sides (north and south) are 3,300 mm. However, since the cab hangs on girders with a floor side that is 600 mm away from the level of the foundation slab which is flat, the roof ridge is at a height of 4,590 mm.

The roof consists of: twenty square panels measuring 660 mm x 660 mm and ten rectangular slabs of 660 mm x 330 mm placed on the ridge of the roof bounded by horizontal gutters 120 mm wide and 3,300 mm long.

Due to the strength of the building, the edges of the cube are the starting point for the installation of the steel base structure. The recommended size of the construction site should be a minimum of 12.5 m x 8 m = 100 m2, where they are 12.5 m long in the east-west direction and 8 m wide, in the north-south direction.

Below the cabin is a reinforced concrete structure of the foundation slab, behind which continues the space for rest and recreation, an area reserved for user parking next to the space needed to install solar trackers, each with 12 modules measuring 1640 x 992 x 50 mm.

The floor was additionally covered with insulating material and pipes were laid into the underfloor heating ducts, over which a protective grid was placed on which parquet and laminate, compatible with underfloor heating, were laid. The liquid in the heating system is heated via an electric water heater located in the bathroom. In accordance with the market interest, versions without underfloor heating and with radiators on the walls are possible. The construction of the stairs is made of stainless steel in combination with oak parquet.

The gallery level is a combination of brackets, aluminum square tubes and solid wood, and the round bed has an anatomical floor with excellent mattresses made of natural materials with advanced ergonomic features. Clothing furniture has been designed in the gallery space. The level of the gallery next to the wooden beams is completed by a network of crucified ropes, which are both a safety barrier and a demarcation from the ground floor. It should be noted that the Swing Cabin has an entrance, sliding door with an electric motor, along with a motion sensor and a magnetic card authorization detector that unlocks the door mechanism lock when entering. In general, the cabin is divided into a ground floor space and a gallery which is reached by stairs. Thanks to aluminum pipes, the lower or base side of the cube is used for underfloor heating installation, and the liquid in the system is heated and driven by a suitable electric boiler for central heating. On the ground floor there is a bench in the shape of the letter "L", next to the table, is an integral part of the kitchen with kitchen elements, refrigerator with freezer, double sink, two freestanding kitchen elements, combined stove on electricity and propane, microwave, kitchen hood with drainage channel, three hanging elements and a shelf with TV and receiver, with kitchen utensils and cooking utensils, and on the east wall there is the possibility of installing air cooling, (air condition).

The door leads to the bathroom and toilet, behind the toilet there is a sink, a washing machine is installed next to the south wall, and in the corner of the south and west walls there is a shower cabin with a flowing electric boiler.

From the front door we climb the stairs to the left, which after the third step become a square-shaped rest area, and then turn right at right angles and lead up to the ninth step, which goes around the gallery like a large bed with bedding. PVC windows with white sliding shutters have been installed on the walls and roof, and it is envisaged that the rich equipment will be accompanied by high-quality sun protection with blinds, shutters, blinds, curtains and drapes.

The interior lighting design envisages LED bulbs and the possibility of regulating the intensity of dimmed lighting, which can be used according to the wishes and needs of users. Using a computer and appropriate programs, it is possible to instantly read electricity consumption or other information, whether electricity is used from the available electricity distribution network or from its own autonomous photovoltaic system, a set of two solar trackers, located in the position from the cabin to the south, the same as with a smartphone, issue voice commands, either verbally or in writing, via a computer.

At the same time, the humidity, temperature and air quality in the cabin in which we control the microclimatic conditions can be regulated with additional equipment, deodorant and appropriate odors can be added if necessary, it is possible to listen to the radio or music and adjust the pitch and color of the sound.

The cabin is controlled from two basic positions, the first is in static standstill, and the second is in a dynamic state of adjusted rocking where the user determines the swing speed which according to the author's recommendation does not exceed ten degrees of inclination, which is regulated by the position limiter. A computer is used to control the Swing Cabin functions.

At the position of the cab suspension, there is a characteristic pair of barrel bearings, 400 mm in diameter, which are installed just below the level where the Swing Cabin attic begins, on the sides (east and west), which are placed so that they can mount the tube carrier shock absorber Swing Cabin with a diameter of 240 mm, which, in addition to carrying the cab, allow passage and installation, on the one hand electric cable and water pipe in the cabin and on the other sewer pipe for drainage from the cabin, and all the way through a pair of supporting pillars with sloping stiffeners. It is a pair of load-bearing columns with oblique stiffeners that make the Swing Cabin recognizable, with a height of 5,080 mm in relation to the level of the base plate, which is flat, and these load-bearing load-bearing columns are secured with reinforced concrete base plate and pylons placed in depth. from overturning.

The essence of the Swing Cabin is found in the accommodation unit for rest and relaxation in the air, an object that can be rocked or stationary, according to the user's wishes, which incorporates knowledge of modern technology, controlled by computers and special programs with wireless transmission.

APPEARANCE Swing Cabin It resembles a cube that has lost that highest, sixth side, to which the roof space with windows is connected and connected, in terms of achieving a unique volume, a new, geometric body.

The interior of the Swing Cabin consists of a functional living room with kitchen, toilet and bathroom, and from the entrance along the wall there are stairs with wooden steps, designed in "L" profile, leading to an elevated gallery, conceptual bedroom dominated by attraction, double bed with a flooring and a smart mattress that is a story unto itself or a special innovation from another story.

We can play a bit and jump into the role of users, who booked an appointment and accommodation for two people through a travel agency, who decided to visit a desirable destination in Croatia, which is the first in the world to offer exclusive accommodation in Swing Cabin, which looks like a 3-length cube. 3 meters and a width of 3.3 meters, and yet not a pure cube, the credit goes to the roof, which consists of windows with tempered glass, which allow observation of the sky. Unlike shipping containers which are primarily designed to store goods and can be loaded on trucks and trailers so that they can be transported further by road and rail, all the way to ports and ships, which are narrow because their width does not exceed 2, 4 meters. The dimensions of the Swing Cabin are much more tailored to man, like a miniature studio. The walls of the exterior have five rows, out of a total of 25 fields, 13 are red squares with 12 windows with thermo glass that are occasionally covered with white, opaque shutters. The roof is similarly designed. The Swing Cabin can easily be described as a cube that grows towards the top with a roof that is a complex prism, with an accentuated design of red and white squares.

In the side view, the walls with squares stand out, exactly five times five squares of red and white, milky color, which are arranged alternately. The red squares are static, thermal insulation sandwich panels, and next to them are thermal insulation windows through which light passes. In the cabin light insulation mode, a dynamic transformation occurs and white shutters are automatically stretched on the windows, obscuring the interior of the cabin and dramatically emphasizing the external appearance and position of the white fields. In the pictures, the arrows show the directions in which the eyelids are pulled. Thanks to the unique Swing Cabin system with micro climate, the space has a controlled thermal, light and sound environment.

The roof follows this concept of permeation of red and white with light insulation with automated installation of protective shutters that allow the user to freely prepare for sleep. The walls on three sides have an identical system of moving the shutters, while on the side with the front door it is a little different.

The base or foundation slab of the Swing Cabin is made of concrete which has the basic function of acting as a ballast weight which maintains the stability of the structure and prevents the cab from overturning during rocking.

Other functions of the base plate are also interesting, to connect several separate units such as a water shaft with a connection clock, a sewer shaft with a connection, a pool with a water tank and a hydrophore, a concrete wastewater bus with a purifier, a concrete septic tank, a distribution cabinet for electricity with connection meter, grounding for lightning rod, cabinet for photovoltaic system of tracker in pair, cabinet for telephone connections, cable and satellite TV. Before construction it is necessary to prepare the ground.

The enumeration of the various components is in order for the reader to draw a conclusion as to how many potential partner companies are gravitating towards this project that can mobilize and connect stakeholders.


The geometric combination of a complex body, a hybrid of a cube and a prism, set the ratio of two volumes, of which the volume of the cube belongs to 88.45% of the volume, and the volume of the prism or roof belongs to 11.55% of the volume. This relationship was reached by the author through the selection of a structural solution of the roof that allows a sufficient slope required to achieve a smooth outflow of precipitation. In the specific prototype Swing Cabin whose height is 3,990 m and still with the associated walls 3.3 m x 3.3 m has a volume V (SC) = 40.63 m3. Since the Swing Cabin is located on side rails and is raised 0.1 m from the level of the access platform and 0.6 m from the ground, or the total height from the ground is 4,590 m.


Although Swing Cabin occupies a relatively small area, with space for parking vehicles, yard with two photovoltaic trackers, foundation concrete slab, swimming pool with sun deck and horticulture, it is recommended that the garden with a yard has a minimum of 100 m2, connected to the access road , which connects similar objects of this type.


The innovator's assessment is that an already well-equipped locksmith workshop can make and assemble a prototype Swing Cabin in a very short time in which working hours are counted, because all elements provided according to the draft concept can be obtained relatively easily on the market. from domestic sources. It reminds me of assembling a computer from parts, which was once used by students, by going to a store where they could get all the necessary components, they would successfully assemble their personal computer with deft hands. However, for a more serious appearance on the market, a strategic partner, a start investor, is needed.


By entering the cabin you are no longer in heaven or on earth, but you feel safe and protected, because the cabin provides security from viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, it smells pleasant air and climate with a temperature that is desirable in the room, there is excellent protection from insects, in the cabin everything is tailor-made and at your fingertips, there is a well-equipped kitchen, which is touched by the bathroom and toilet with all the equipment. Stairs lead to the level of the elevated gallery, which is dominated by a smart bed that selects and memorizes the best sleeping position for the user. The smart system regulates the oscillation speed according to the user's wishes, so that daylight can be replaced by dimmed or dimmed light by redistributing white square fields, shutters on walls and skylights, with customized ambient music that can be muted and completely turned off, not to mention microclimate, smell…


After we have reached the date and day "D" for a stay in the Swing Cabin, first and before that you should visit the camp reception and pick up a smart card with an electronic key, which at the time the user picks it up, activates the protocol a computer in the cabin, which will immediately begin adjusting the room temperature, cooling, or heating the facility. There is a short drive from the camp reception to the accommodation unit, where we booked accommodation and parked the vehicle in the parking lot to the corresponding Swing Cabin.

We get out of the car, take our luggage and climb the access platform to the cabin door to show a smart identification card whose code recognizes a sensor that primarily activates a rectangular decoupage to be stepped on, (looks like a doormat) and serves to quickly decontaminate shoes from viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms.

After we stepped on the decoupage and stood quietly for a few seconds, which is properly recorded by the security camera, the laser beam is activated and a code signal unlocks the sliding door mechanism that silently dissolves and releases the entrance, so we can enter the cabin, one by one according to a strict security procedure, (ladies have the advantage), of only a few seconds.

In case we did not act according to the protocol, a pleasant recorded voice will warn us of the omission and repetition of the action until we fulfill what is necessary so as not to endanger the health of the cabin user.

On the ground floor and straight from the entrance there is a table with a bench, to the right is a richly equipped kitchen, which ends with an entrance to the toilet and a bathroom with shower and washing machine.

To the left of the entrance there are stairs that lead at right angles to the roof gallery with a smart, double bed, with which we choose the best individual sleeping position, depending on the wind rose, their speed, atmospheric pressure, humidity, time of day and other weather conditions. age.

The cabin has HI FI equipment for music playback according to the user's choice, cable TV, VI FI for the Internet. Indoor air with a microclimatic regime of protective filters is additionally humidified, disinfected and circulated perpendicular to the walls of the walls, with a fragrant cocktail of the user's choice. The cabin is equipped with a fire-fighting system with water jets, and it also has a warning system in the event of an imminent threat in an emergency or any unwanted attempt to break into the cabin.

The curtain system with remote and automatic guidance is arranged so that it can further darken the cabin space before or during sleep.

Of course, this was a simulation of the model because the prototype has not yet been made and many details have not yet been fully defined, which opens up many opportunities for talented creatives to contact the author

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